"Ecocide - Voices from Paradise" Trailer

Keepers of the Trail by Juliet Brown


Return from juliet brown on Vimeo.

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ECOCIDE - VOICES FROM PARADISE Running time: 58 minutes

A documentary about Grand Isle, Louisiana and the devastating repercussions on this small island community since the 2010 BP oil spill.

©Juliet Brown Films/NFTS/Bertha Foundation

NOAH'S CANOE Full Running Time: 43 mins 43 secs  

Ever since Noah was a child he’s wanted to work with his father building canoes in the north woods of Maine. But this dream has always eluded him because of a well hidden secret. This is the story of Noah’s transformation as he uncovers the truth that has kept him from this lifelong ambition.

©NFTS 2011

KEEPERS OF THE TRAIL (Abridged Version) 8 mins 24 secs
March 2007
Maine guides Garrett & Alexandra Conover travel through Labrador, Canada.

©Juliet Brown 2008


North Haven Island, population 281, lies 12 miles off the Maine coast. The 3rd /4th grade class at the Community School is studying government. Hannah Pingree, Majority Leader in the Maine House of Representatives, who went to this school K through 12, comes back to help the class with their legislation.


RETURN Full Running Time: 4 mins 30secs

A poetic insight into the world of a blind piano tuner.

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