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Ecocide - Voices from Paradise 2014 (58 minutes)

A portrait of an island community coming to terms with the worst environmental disaster in American history.

Noah’s Canoe 2011 (44 minutes)

Ever since Noah was a child he’s wanted to work with his father building canoes in the north woods of Maine. But this dream has always eluded him because of a well hidden secret. This is the story of Noah’s transformation as he uncovers the truth that has kept him from fulfilling this lifelong ambition.

The Fate of our Fields 2010 (21 minutes)

An investigation into whether we should grow genetically modified crops in the UK.

Return 2009 (4 minutes 30 seconds)

A poetic insight into the world of a blind piano tuner.

Low Tide 2009 (14 minutes)

A family living on 3 adjoining boats is finally separated when their son sails away.

Keepers of the Trail 2008 (22 minutes) 

A journey on snowshoes in Labrador, Canada.


Heaven on Earth 2008 (5 minutes)

A widower tries to carry on with life in his small garden allotment.


Peapods of the Maine Coast (2006) 85 minutes

This 85 minute DVD is a compilation of local oral history interviews with individuals who have a knowledge of these little double-ended boats. The Peapod has played an essential role in the life and history of Maine. Named for its rounded, double-ended shape, Peapods are thought to have originated about 1870 around Penobscot Bay. Peapods were the original Maine lobster boat, as a fisherman could row either way, and walk up the side to haul a trap. This series of interviews was conceived to commemorate these boats and to capture some of the history and knowledge held by the generations who have seen as these boats have passed from working craft to largely recreational uses.

The Serene Life (1996) 20 minutes

This video captures the message and character Cambodian Nobel peace Prize nominee, Buddhist master Venerable MahaGhosananda.

His life is his message and whose message is peace.

Venerable Ghosananda speaks with profundity, gentleness and, at times, with mirth. He warns of the dangers of deforestation and illustrates the value of fostering a non-violent attitude towards nature. He expounds on the philosophy of the dhammayietras or peace marches - which became the most sustained mobilisation of monks and nuns for a social cause in the history of Cambodian Buddhism. And he explains the connection between peace in the mind and peace in society - showing, through tireless example, that it is possible to rejuvenate loving-kindness, compassion and serenity after genocide and war.

Brown's Boatyard 2008 (10 minutes) (Otter Island Films)

A story about fathers and sons who have been building boats on North Haven Island since 1888. 

We the People 2009 (20 minutes)

On a small offshore Maine island the 3rd grade class is studying government.


Peter's Eye 2009 (20 minutes)

For many years Maine photographer, Peter Ralston chronicled and defended an enduring yet imperiled coastal way of life – a way marked by independence and interdependence, a way followed by men, women, and children of character and integrity. All indelibly captured in his photographs.


Joey 2008 2008 (10 minutes)

An affectionate profile of the formidable violinist, conductor and teacher, Joseph Silverstein.


The Ospreys of Rockport Harbor 2008 (10 minutes)

Two adult ospreys care for their young, diving for fish and fighting off predators.


The Island 2009 (20 minutes)

Off the coast of Maine is an island owned by the same lobstering family for over 300 years. Invisible lines mark their territorial waters.